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Improved Project Management for Sustainability

The Basics

  • What is a Project?

  • What does Project Management entail?

  • How to define your project milestones?

  • Which documents do you need?

  • Tasks, methods and tools for:

  • project sales

  • contract refining

  • project planning

  • contract control

  • financial control

  • progress control

  • health and safety

  • project reporting

  • How to create effective and successful project teams (individual roles, responsibilities and reporting requirements

Help from hands-on experience:

  • Why do projects often run badly?

  • How to ensure efficient and pro-active work?

  • How to organize project and project teams?

  • How to handle contract management?

  • Highlights of project planning and project finance

  • How to handle claims management (customer / suppliers)

  • How to relate to customers

FAQ - We provide the answers!

  • Ample time to ask your own questions

  • Learn from questions asked by other participants

  • Gather a wealth of practical experience of many international top companies

  • Expand your management contacts network

Workshop Facilitator: Mr. Heinz Kuzio

Diplom-Ingenieur (Graduate Engineer)

Owner & Management Consultant

Mr. Kuzio's consulting expertise is the result of many years of

successful professional experience as Project Manager and

Head of Project Management within large and medium-sized


His experience is especially suited in the management of large-scale

international power projects, the construction industry, mechanical

handling and automated control projects and the supporting industries.

Mr. Kuzio has successfully led numerous strategic Projects within the

disciplines of organization, processes and project management tools.

Featured CPE, PDH, CEH, and PDU Opportunity! At RISC, we learn it, we do it, and we teach it!


Two-Day Workshop - "Creative Problem Solving"

Two-Day Seminar - "Improved Project Management for Sustainability"

Archive: Published Article "Business Continuity: Thinking About The Unthinkable", Photos.

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