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Tired of Doing Accounting When You Could Be Working on Generating More Customers?

Let us do the accounting for You! We will manage or process your:

  •  Accounting

  • Income tax returns and other taxes

  • Payroll

  • Billing to Customers

  • Bookkeeping and Technology (QuickBooks, Payroll and other software)

  • Payables to Vendors

  • Reporting Responsibilities to labor unions, federal, state and local government

  • Certificates and loan documents

We have the right arrangement and price that will be easy on your budget. We are trustworthy and keep your business affairs confidential.

Contact: Alma Bright

Phone & Fax: 314-353-2372


Mail: 315 Lemay Ferry Road, St. Louis, MO 63125

Featured CPE, PDH, CEH, and PDU Opportunity! At RISC, we learn it, we do it, and we teach it!


Two-Day Workshop - "Creative Problem Solving"

Two-Day Seminar - "Improved Project Management for Sustainability"

Archive: Published Article "Business Continuity: Thinking About The Unthinkable", Photos.

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The mission may be over but the service to country continues.....

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